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Oct 11th

Ethereum World

At Devcon 5 in Osaka, we announced Ethereum.World, a platform seeking to unify the Ethereum ecosystem by integrating decentralized apps into a simple, delightful social experience.

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May 3rd

AKASHA Reloaded

Exactly three years after the original AKASHA announcement, we share with the Community the evolution of the project and open the sign ups for the next phase.

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May 3rd

Metamorphosis Part II

In this post we dive into the oceans of time by analyzing the Web 2.0 applications with Facebook as a case study, and explain how we are different.

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April 10th

AKASHA at the Dublin Tech Summit

We are invited for fireside chat with Pete Townsend to discuss the topic of Collected and Collective Intelligence.

April 1st (not a joke) 🙂

AKASHA joins the World Wide Web Consortium

We join the W3C, with a keen interest in exploring the possibilities opened by verifiable claims and decentralized identifiers (DIDs).

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January 24th

AKASHA at World Economic Forum: House of Switzerland

We are invited to present at the House of Switzerland as part of the WEF 2019. The topics covered include the genesis of Crypto Valley and exploring what the next blockchain decade can bring in the context of Crypto Nation(s).

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January 16th

AKASHA 2019: Metamorphosis Part I

After months of silence and deep research, we reach a point where we could share our progress with the community. The first part of the Metamorphosis series covers the “silence before the storm” and the new horizons opened through research.

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Team Growth 🙌

By the end of the year, our team grows to 12 awesome members!


AKASHA Deep Research II

In the last part of the year we decide to deepen our research and widen our range of experiments. November marks the beginning of a breakthrough at our first team retreat.

September 25th

AKASHA at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum

We are invited to present at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum, home of many bright minds involved in the conceptual and cryptographic foundations for blockchain tech.


AKASHA Deep Research I

For the next months we brainstorm and experiment on the cryptoeconomic layer, in the search for the most promising idea.


May 3rd

AKASHA at EDCON 2, Toronto: Colorful Essence

Exactly two years after we unveil AKASHA, we present our second token experiment and introduce our multi-dimensional signaling framework at the amazing EDCON 2 conference.

April 18th

Web Version Public Release: Mending The Gap

We develop in parallel a fully functional web version integrated with ENS, with the IPFS part rewritten in IPFS.js, in order to enable browser p2p communication.

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February 10th

Beta Released Publicly

We release the AKASHA beta version publicly and call for people to help us stress test the app, smart contracts, and cryptoeconomic assumptions.

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Team Growth 🙌

By the end of the year, our team is formed of 7 great people!


Sending Beta 0.1 Invitations

We gradually send invitations and start testing the new code with live users. We iron out most of the bugs during the private beta, in preparation for the public release.

Nov 4th

DEVCON 3, Cancun: Beta unveiled

At the conclusion of an epic DEVCON 3 event, we unveil the AKASHA beta and open the signups for the next phase.

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An Odyssey of Discovery: Evolution & Growth

Following the successful initial releases we work on a complete code refactoring and redesign, applying the lessons learned during the alpha.

February 17th

AKASHA’s first conference: EDCON, Paris

The Seeking Whispers release is first introduced during this presentation as an experiment with Whisper-based search engines and group chatrooms.

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January 16th

Alpha 0.2 Released Publicly

With the help of thousands of pioneers and a passionate team, we are able to introduce a number of tweaks and fixes that increase performance and stability.

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Team Growth 🙌

At the end of the year, the AKASHA team already has 6 members!


Sending Alpha 0.1 Invitations

We start to gradually send the AKASHA invites for Windows, MacOS, and Linux users, with the initial feedback being overwhelmingly positive.

May 31st

IPFS Creator Juan Bennet joins AKASHA as an Advisor

"The centralized ad-driven social networks are vulnerable and not focused on our rights. We need free, private, global communication! We need AKASHA!" - Juan Benet

Read the post here

May 3rd

Unveiling AKASHA

We celebrate World Press Freedom day by unveiling the AKASHA project to the world at large, simultaneously opening signups for the alpha release.


Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin joins AKASHA as an Advisor

Vitalik shows interest in the idea of a social media network leveraging blockchain technology to empower people and joins AKASHA as an advisor.


MVP Tech Stack Chosen

After weighing the available options, we decide to take the route of a standalone app built with Electron, React with Redux, and Node.js.


The First Members Join the Fun! 🙌

At the end of the year, the AKASHA team is composed of 4 people, driven by passion, and inspired by “what ifs”.


Proof of Concept R&D

The first AKASHA prototype is developed in Meteor by Marius, testing along the way various technology stacks, searching for the one that best fits our needs.


See you around, Ethereum

Considering his duty as Ethereum co-founder fulfilled, Mihai steps down as the Vice President of Ethereum Foundation in order to focus on AKASHA.

July 30th

Ethereum Blockchain Genesis

Following the successful Ethereum blockchain genesis, Mihai is eager to test the idea of a decentralized social media network using Ethereum and IPFS.

July 28th

AKASHA Swiss HQ Established

AKASHA’s HQ is established in Crypto Valley, Switzerland, thanks to its forward thinking when it comes to blockchain tech and tradition of privacy.


Idea Inception

In a train riding from Crypto Valley towards the Zurich airport, the story of a South Korean journalist sparks Mihai's imagination. By the time the train arrives at the airport, the idea behind AKASHA starts to take shape.